Fair and sustainable workplace parking.

Raedam is the innovative parking management system enabling companies to manage workplace parking efficiently, fairly and sustainably.

The workplace parking solution, defined by you.

Highly modular with unparalleled levels of configuration — Raedam empowers you to make workplace parking a positive experience for staff, and better for the environment.

Promote green travel.

Go green with custom parking rules that prioritise eco-travel, track CO2 emissions, and monitor sustainability progress.

Reduce overheads.

Cut parking admin costs by up to 70% by automating application scoring, approval, and permission allocation.

Improve satisfaction.

Boost staff satisfaction by prioritising high-need employees and streamlining the permit and booking processes.

Implement your parking policy.

Unlike traditional parking systems, our highly-flexible, self-service Parking Management Portal makes tailoring Raedam to your company’s HR, parking or green travel policies quick and effortless.

Raedam empowers you to make a positive impact to your workplace — from ensuring fair space allocation, to reducing your carbon footprint.

Prioritise green travel.

Utilise sustainability metrics to prioritise parking to staff with low emission commutes, electric vehicles or car share.

Allocate parking fairly.

Allocate workplace parking based on highest need, instead of first-come, first-served or other hierarchical approaches.

Adapt to workplace change.

Adapt policies quickly and ensure compliance with government, planning or environmental requirements.

Capture parking requests and allocate parking.

Raedam’s web-based Parking Assessment enables your staff to complete parking need requests and receive eligibility results — within minutes.

Each assessment is analysed by our Scoring Engine against eight key metrics and your policy rules — to ensure eligible staff are allocated the correct permit, and those ineligible are informed of alternate transport options.

Dynamic parking request forms.

Our dynamic assessment and booking forms keep things simple and fast, ensuring your staff are only asked relevant questions.

Automated review and allocation.

Our proprietary Assessment Scoring Engine reviews parking assessments to provide staff with a result — in seconds.

Accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Our responsive and accessible web-based forms ensure all staff can access Raedam — via mobile, tablet or computer.

Gather key insights on workplace parking

Raedam’s Insights Dashboard provides real-time data on your parking estate — from parking requirements, to behaviour, trends and risks.

Empowering you to make data-driven decisions, Raedam improves sustainability and the workplace parking experience for your staff and visitors.

Understand parking need.

Understand parking needs of your company — from the commuter population of a site, to their vehicle types and EV proportion.

Measure carbon footprint.

Measure the sustainability of your sites by tracking commuter miles and CO2 emissions generated by staff travelling to work.

Identify trends and risks.

Monitor utilisation and identify capacity-related trends across your parking estate, from sites to parking bays.

Integrate your workplace systems.

Raedam’s Integration Hub offers a suite of APIs that enable you to extend Raedam’s capabilities by connecting your existing workplace systems — from visitor and room booking solutions, to barriers and ANPR cameras.

Raedam enables you to create a seamless, end-to-end workplace parking experience for your staff and visitors.

Automate site access control.

Raedam connects with barriers and ANPR cameras to control site access for authorised vehicles only.

Capture real-time alerts and data.

Connect barriers, ANPR or sensors to Raedam’s Insights Dashboard, to receive real-time data and alerts.

Book parking via hybrid working tools.

Capture capacity requests from room and visitor booking systems, and provide access to your visitors.

Solution Partners.

Raedam can be seamlessly integrated with other workplace and facilities solutions to enhance its capabilities further.
Take a look at some of our key partners below:

A Smart Workplace Platform to support hybrid working.

Iotspot have fully integrated Raedam into their world-class hybrid workplace booking solution.

A leading provider of facilities management services.

Samsic utilise Raedam as part of their parking service offering available to UK based customers.

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