Integrate your workplace systems

Integrate your workplace systems

Onboarding new solutions can be a challenge, but Raedam makes it easy.

If you already have access control systems in place, adding our parking management solution to the stack will simplify things.

We designed Raedam to go beyond the capabilities of software usually provided with access control systems.

In fact, we've partnered with leading access control providers on projects that help customers achieve a better workplace parking experience.

The result is a robust seamless parking experience for staff and visitors.

Automate site access control.

Raedam connects with barriers and ANPR cameras to control site access for authorised vehicles only.

Capture real-time alerts and data.

Connect to Raedam's Insights Dashboard to receive real-time data and alerts.

Book parking via hybrid tools.

Integrate Raedam with your current solutions so staff can book a desk, office, or parking space within a single interface.

Improve the visitor experience.

Connect your visitor management system with Raedam to ensure guests who need parking are seamlessly added to car park entry lists.

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

Streamline your workplace parking with Raedam.

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